What is Social Connect?

The meaning is in the name; we socially connect your brand to the influencer based in the Middle East and vice versa. We are the bridge between the brand and those who successfully create online campaigns. A social matchmaker, if you will.


Who can join Social Connect?

Are you a social influencer who lives in the Middle East? Has a high Middle Eastern engagement rate? Well, welcome aboard.

Not sure if you fall into the influencer category? An influencer is someone who has managed to accumulate a number of followers who they engage with on their social media pages; i.e. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc… Influencers usually create content around topics of their interest are often labeled as foodies, fashionistas, travelers, photographers, artists, fitness freaks, or just super relatable.


What sort of assignments should influencers and brands connect for:

By being a part of Social Connect, influencers could expect to receive exclusive invites, product deliveries and certain services for review.

Examples of what brands might want to connect with an influencer for:

  1. Invite the influencer to become a Digital Brand Ambassador
  2. Food tastings and restaurant reviews
  3. Raise awareness on certain topics or new product launches
  4. Event coverage
  5. Special guests and VIPs for events
  6. Paid Advertorials
  7. Photo-shoots
  8. Store-walks


Some information about an influencer/brand is incorrect. How can I report this?

To report any incorrect or missing information regarding brands or influencers, please contact us at info@socialconnectme.com




How long do I have to wait for a response and what’s next?

Usually, we review applications on a rolling basis. However, we are currently experiencing a high level of demand. Rest assured, we will contact you via email with the next steps once your application has been approved.


How many followers do I need to be invited to Social Connect?

Being influential does not only depend on the number of followers you might have. We evaluate your request to join the Social Connect network based on your number of followers, engagement rates, and quality content.

After which, once you have passed the above mentioned, we begin to match you with all relevant brands that we work with.


Why do I need to list my social media account URLs to be considered?

How else will we be able to see your marvelous work?

Whilst we review your application, we need to also look at your content and the relationship you have with your followers. If we do not have the URLs we would not be able to adequately evaluate your application.


Okay, so how does Social Connect work for influencers?

Once you have signed up to the Social Connect network, we will expose you to international and local brands looking for candidates just like yourself.

All you have to do is create a profile, add your interests and wait for brands to get in touch with you! Easy Peasy.


Can anyone join Social Connect?

If that was the case, then what is the point of our screening process! Our experienced team assesses each application that comes through, ensuring content quality and performance and that their followers are authentic and engaged.


I don’t think I would pass your selection process.

You never know, sign up anyways! You might just be one of the many undiscovered talents that hide between the layers of the social pages in this region.

P.S that is exactly who we want to connect brands with, hidden gems.


How do I register as an Influencer?

Nothing out of the ordinary. First, you start by creating an account, click ‘Sign up’ and then fill in your basic info. After-which we will ask for your contact details and social media handle/s.

Then, that’s when our expert team comes in, we begin by vetting your application and then approving it. Once it is approved you will be able to create your username and password.

Viola, you are now officially signed up. You can login in to complete your Social Connect profile and start connecting with brands.


Can I join Social Connect if I’m working with another influencer network?

Of course, you can. We work with represented (meaning those with managers) and unrepresented influencers. We do not obligate you to be exclusive to us or sign any long-term contracts with us.


What do I do after creating a profile?

Just sit back and wait for the collaborations to roll in.


Who can see my profile?

Do not worry, we take privacy seriously. The general public does not have access to your Social Connect profile; only our approved clients will have access to your profile.  However, we do not share your contact information with anyone.  If a client is interested in working with you, someone from our team will reach out to you.


Why is a complete profile important?

Think about it this way, how would your followers feel about half an Instagram image? Or a quarter of a tweet? … Exactly!

A complete profile makes it easier for us, our clients and corresponding agencies to find you. On Social Connect, brands usually look for influencers based on country, interests, social channels and engagement; therefore the more information you are able to provide, the easier it is to be discovered.


How do I get paid?

You enter your Bank Details in the space for it on your profile.  Then, when you have accumulated AED 500 in credit on your account you can request to have your money paid into your bank account.  You can only withdraw funds from your account once every 30 days.


How does Social Connect contact me for projects?

Once one of our clients/brands is interested in collaborating with you, our specialized influencer Relationship Manager will contact you with all campaign details via email/dm/whatsapp or phone which would be provided on your application.

You can then review the details and ask as many questions as you feel needed; then either accept or decline the campaign brief.


What sort of projects will I get from Social Connect?

Pretty much expect anything, in a good sense. We provide influencers with paid campaigns and opportunities ranging from sponsored blog posts, product reviews, story and snap images to events and social media activations.

All of your social channels, be it Facebook, Snapchat, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter etc…


Do I have to work with every brand that approaches me?

No, you do not. In-fact we advise you to only work with the brands you are most compatible and comfortable with. Campaigns that would be of interest to your audience.

Turning down a brand will not affect your chances of getting other offers, perhaps even more suitable ones.



How does Social Connect work for brands?

At Social Connect, the ways we can connect you with the region’s top influencers are limitless.

Register with us as a brand and we’ll start matching you with the best-suited influencers.


Why do I need influencer/influencer marketing?

Did you know the 47% of the millennial are using ad-block technology? Which makes your chances of reaching them is through third-party sources, sources they trust. Which means, influencer marketing budgets are getting bigger by the day; and we suggest you do the same.

Actually, brands that are using social influencers are seeing up to 10X increase in conversion rates; 81% of marketers who have tried influencer marketing found it to be effective.

We understand that it might be hard to connect with the right influencer to reach your target audience, in-fact 59% of marketers say the same, and that is why we are here. Join us today and we ensure you will be connected with all the right influencers for your brand.


How much does it cost? Does it cover influencer fees?

Every influencer campaign differs, and at Social Connect we are well aware of that, it all depends on what you as a brand are looking for.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with our expert team, they are eager to meet you.